2019 Review From OnePlus 7

OnePlus 7 review
OnePlus 7 review

The OnePlus 7 is a reliable, cheap flagship smartphone, but in case you’re searching for fancy 2019 features you won’t find them .
There is not much difference between it and the OnePlus 6T that it replaces, but that is sort of the purpose. It offers a less expensive alternative to people who can not stretch to the pricier Pro, but still want the latest power under the hood.
Your RAM choice is tied to the amount of storage you are going to get indoors (128GB or 256GB), but even the entry model provides loads.
It fits the’affordable flagship’ bill well, giving you enough power to operate pretty much any app or game, and there is plenty of storage to your downloads, photos and music.
The camera is great, not good, the screen is bright and colorful, but does not match the HDR-enable QHD screens of the costlier and it misses out on a certified waterproof rating and wireless charging.

This offers you 402 pixels per inch, and it supplies plenty of colour and detail, even though the screen on the OnePlus 7 Pro is both bigger and sharper.
The OnePlus 7 screen has a tall, 19.5:9 aspect ratio, providing you with additional space for landscape gaming, and a much better viewing experience for video.
The cover of the screen is also interrupted by a small notch, which houses the front-facing camera. We did not find that it got in the way during use, however it does mean you lose space to get a couple of additional icons in the notification bar.

OnePlus has been able to keep bezels around the screen to a relative minimal, but there is a small chin at the base of the display – although it is no problem.
The fingerprint scanner on the OnePlus 7 is embedded into the display, and while it does work, it is not the fastest or most accurate on-screen scanner we have used.
It’s also not quite as quickly as non-screen-mounted scanners, but using a split second needed for it to read your finger and unlock the handset. You can decide on face unlock rather, which is impressively quickly, but you need to be looking at the device for it to work and it is less secure.
We didn’t have any issues with the display during our time together with all the OnePlus 7. It’s bright and vibrant, providing enough detail for general use as well as video and gaming.
It lacks HDR and a QHD (or higher) resolution, so image quality is not as fantastic as the OnePlus 7 Pro, Samsung Galaxy S10 or Sony Xperia 1 – but all these handsets cost more. Considering the OnePlus 7 cost, it’s hard to knock the screen.

There’s a notch at the peak of the telephone housing, the front-facing camera, which you might feel already looks a bit dated, especially as the Pro version does not have any notch, rather employing a pop-up selfie camera.
As mentioned above there’s also an in-screen fingerprint scanner , which generally works well, but it doesn’t seem as accurate or fast as the digit readers we discovered in the displays of the Huawei P30 Guru and Samsung Galaxy S10.
The scanner itself is much bigger than the one from the OnePlus 6T, meaning your thumb should be able to find it more easily – though it’s not always perfect.
It will allow the back of the telephone to be almost completely flush, with just the centralized camera module interrupting the glistening glass finish