Samsung Galaxy S8 review: It’s still got it

Samsung Galaxy S8 review: It's still got it
Samsung Galaxy S8 review: It’s still got it

Nothing comes near the Galaxy S8 design-wise. It is the best-looking phone I’ve ever seen, leaving every handset.

As the light hits it, while the glass shimmers the curved back, as noticed on the Galaxy S7, nestles perfectly on your palm. The unit is offered in three colors – bright silver, a dark black and also a grey with a tinge – with no ugly front plate in sight.

My review unit would be the black choice, and it black all over. It seems like one piece that is complete, together with screen, the glass and metal combining all together.

The volume rocker and standby change are connected by a button on the side. This is a committed Bixby button – which I will cover in more detail in the Software section – and while it reveals Samsung is taking its virtual assistant seriously, it feels too much for Bixby to possess its own button.

The S8 is light and slim but it seems sturdy and precisely made. The last time Samsung opted with its flagship for a change of management, many of the features were lost in the transition. This isn’t the case here. A microSD slot continues to sit away together with all the nano-SIM, the criminally underrated Qi wireless charging can also be present, along with the device is IP68 water- and – dust-resistant also, so it will endure a dunk in water for 30 minutes to depths of 1.5 metres.

Samsung has kept the headset jack; I would be very surprised to hear that anyone thinks that is a bad idea. Apple’s decision to remove a physical headset link looked like it may signal the demise of the 3.5mm jack, however, Samsung has gone in another direction, by adding a pair of very superior AKG wired buds in the box.

Like the LG G6, this Samsung Galaxy S8’s front is almost all display – and it. Unlike with the G6 the screen here melts to the sturdy metal rim.

It is a neater curve than on the Galaxy S7 Edge; much more like the Galaxy Note 7 in fact, which makes it a good deal easier to use. Accidental bits were common with your hand hitting on the screen when you were holding the device, but I haven’t experienced this with the S8. It is a for such an eye-catching look, although there is still a bit of additional reflection on this part of the display.

As with any phone, however, not all is ideal. Having such a huge display and miniature bezel means there is no room for the Home button that is fingerprint-sensing .

On the contrary, it’s on the back, beside the camera, and I hate it every time I use it. It’s tiny, meaning those times I reach it, it doesn’t recognise my finger. But its real issue is the positioning; it intuitive. You have to wiggle your finger around the camera – which, incidentally, throws up a message on opening the program to let you clean dirty smudges of this lens – and imagine where the scanner is?

I don’t understand why it isn’t at the center, since it’s every other phone that has a fingerprint scanner. I guess Samsung wanted to build it into the display, but just ran out of time.

I’m also not sure about how well this phone will hold up after months and months of usage. The addition of Gorilla Glass 5 on front and rear should provide a bit more protection, but I’ve ended up with Galaxy S7 after drops carpeting from hardly 2ft high and a Galaxy S6. It feels like a phone that is delicate – although things will be different with the Galaxy S8.